My Feet Wander – A journey through self discovery

Freedom: What’s your poison?!

I’d always contemplated the term freedom in my head. Everyone has their own interpretation, for some it is having abundant finances, others it is time but for me it is would be the adrenaline of learning something new, a new sport, filled with speed and agility and reflexes. For me, my freedom is riding on Read More

The call to the great outdoors

Now at that opportune time, as we cower our way through the path one by one, our security guide stops midway the cliff path and cocks his AK47. He’d warned us earlier that there were buffaloes roaming the routes and sometimes they’d encounter one that’s pissed off and they might come charging at tourists. Read More

What’s your type of Queen?

I’ve been battling a little bit of a writer’s block which explains my delayed post but not too worry I have something for you guys. So, lately I find myself bored with women who have a certain cliche for dates i.e a night out for a drink, some coffee, dinner or lunch etc. I’ve been Read More

Always Be Single – Best Life Advice

We all go through life with a certain Motto that holds true to the kind of life we live; a principle of sorts. I recently adopted my Motto from a friend of faith when he gave me the best advice that I’d ever received from anyone. He said, “Be Single.” At first I was a Read More

The Art of Sensual Touch – White Man’s Voodoo

I had heard about the soul’s sense of touch before but I assumed it to be complete hogwash. That was until I met someone that understood it; and least to say, she understood it well. I was on a train ride out of town; (you know us hopeless romantics never take Airplanes or buses. There’s Read More

Break Out From the Cocoon Of Misery

All women are born princess’s yet a small number graduate to become the Queens this world needs. The majority settle; they settle for less; settle for violence; settle for heartaches and doubts. They trade real love for worldly comforts. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to settle, you don’t need to be Read More

The Beauty of a Man Falling In-Love as a Boy Would

She was forged of fire and Ice. She was a storm in the middle of summer; with a heart full of raging passion. She was the laughter within a joke. She was power, she was love, she was ambition. She was the fear that dwells in the hearts of brave men and women. She had Read More

It Really Is About The Little Things

We all struggle with something in this life, and happiness is what calms our spirits in such times; often accompanied in some form of beauty. We travel, climb mountains, dig wells, go shopping.. just so we can experience a bit of this beauty, but often times we return empty handed to the cold four walls Read More

The Potential To Be Great- Crippled

Two of the the mightiest emotions we have are love and fear. Yet we give so much power to only one of these emotions, fear. When we’re in love, we are excited; we are passionate; we have a drive; a sense of purpose for our being. We are unstoppable in our endeavor! When fear knocks Read More

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