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Freedom: What’s your poison?!

The moment of reckoning came as she turned on her beast and least to say it was nothing like what I’d imagined it from watching Moto GP; it was roaring, loud, commanded a presence, terrifying yet exciting. Read More

The call to the great outdoors

Now at that opportune time, as we cower our way through the path one by one, our security guide stops midway the cliff path and cocks his AK47. He’d warned us earlier that there were buffaloes roaming the routes and sometimes they’d encounter one that’s pissed off and they might come charging at tourists. Read More

What’s your type of Queen?

I’ve been battling a little bit of a writer’s block which explains my delayed post but not too worry I have something for you guys. So, lately I find myself bored with women who have a certain cliche for dates i.e a night out for a drink, some coffee, dinner or lunch etc. I’ve been Read More

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