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The Potential To Be Great- Crippled

Two of the the mightiest emotions we have are love and fear. Yet we give so much power to only one of these emotions, fear. When we’re in love, we are excited; we are passionate; we have a drive; a sense of purpose for our being. We are unstoppable in our endeavor! When fear knocks Read More

Dressing and Photo courtesy of Angie's Closets Image Consultants

The Conundrum That is Fame

Last night, on my way from work, I bumped into someone. She was this “pretty-pretty-young-thing with that mix of dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla kind of skin tone” you know?! (I’ll admit she threw me off guard with her dimpled smile and freckled cheeks) Now, I wouldn’t really call her a fan; groupie maybe? – I Read More

To Be Or Not To Be – Romance Is The Game

Romance – it is an intimate passion; it’s a despair for a love soo eternal you forget the world exists. What does it mean to be romantic? Often people mistake it for a warm sunny day; picking lilies by the park; picnics in an open field while sipping red wine and cheese. NO! This might Read More

Be Selfish – It’s Good For You

Naivety; Vulnerability; are they a weakness or a strength? Lately I find myself questioning thoughts on life and living; I wonder whether my peers experience these emotions as much as I. You walk these streets and all you see are men and women desperately trying to find love; desperately giving strangers pieces of themselves until Read More

The Recurring Thought that is “What If?”

There’s nothing more captivating than a man or woman with a soul that radiates like the sun. They are full of passion, emotion, lead their lives by peace and have a sense of purpose. We’ve grown thinking order is good and chaos is bad. What if, we have it all wrong? What if, we are Read More

Sincerity – The New Standard

I’m tired of people not being sincere with themselves. I’m tired of people wearing masks every time they walk out of their homes. I want REAL SINCERITY, the kind where you don’t hide your feelings just because they might portray you to be less of a man or woman; the kind where emotions are high Read More

Born Of Ambition

Many people just walk past her, some usually in a rush than others; the nasty ones walk past her with a sneer, as though to intentionally spit at her feet. I once heard a couple say that she’s fat and dirty. I don’t dispute these claims, she is quite filthy, but what do you expect? Read More

Dressing and Photo courtesy of Angie's Closets Image Consultants

What Makes You Happy?

  Happiness is complicated you say? Tell me, what makes you happy? We’ve got too many people out here trying too hard to portray the illusion of joy; then crumble into misery behind closed doors. Being happy starts with you being sincere with the voice inside you and the choices you make. For some people, Read More

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